Hi, I'm Pete 👋

CHAOSSEARCH - Advisor & Consultant

CHAOSSEARCH - Advisor & Consultant

I currently work with the leadership team on general product advisory work. I continue to assist the sales teams with SOC 2 and security related customer and vendor assessments. Additionally I help out the marketing team on in-flight company event sponsorships.

While working for the company full time as the VP of Product I worked with the team to:

I also worked with the sales team to improve our messaging and product demonstration projects. You can see an example of some of my work in the video and blog posts below

Announcing CHAOSSEARCH Data Refinery: Transform Data and Schema on the Fly Without Reindexing

Announcing Single Sign-On (SSO) Support for CHAOSSEARCH

Reduce Complexity and Quickly Search Amazon CloudFront Logs in Amazon S3

Blue Bikes Data Dive — Part 1

Blue Bikes Data Dive — Part 2

CHAOSSEARCH - Full Demo from CHAOSSEARCH on Vimeo.